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AFO Survey

AFO recently surveyed Membership to discover capacities and results of CRF 1 and 2.

We also asked what the most important thing was that the government could assist festivals with to help us get moving again.
The results are as follows (approx. 39% of membership replied):
AFO members play to approximately 1,138,115 customers each year.
The total amount of money from CRF collected was £470,000, across 18% of membership.  An average of £78,333.
(If the whole membership were to receive that average, we would have collected £2,744,000)
13 members were at time of data collection waiting for results from CRF 2.

Members asked for:
No change to roadmap dates, a VAT extension and for health and safety extra funds.
They are hoping for a health passport, a reduction in Public Health England local Powers and an end to social distancing.
And finally, members wanted overwhelmingly, government backed insurance, which we now believe is unlikely to come in 2021.

Surveys like this are a vital part of managing our Association.  The various Government departments are constantly needing facts, figures, and information to help them state our case higher up the chain.  After all this battling, meeting, and discussing we believe our industry is better recognised and funded (see VAT cut and CRF).

There is much more to do before we can safely say we are clear to return to normal service, if ever!

I believe AFO and members will come out of this crisis in generally a better place than they went in and on that we could even see it as a positive.

For now, would you watch out for more questionnaires and surveys and when they come please deal with them the same day as old information is no use and late information is so disappointing.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 19th Mar 2021 15:49:00

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