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DELTA blow to outdoor events

DELTA blow to outdoor events

Organisers of outdoor events suffered another body blow with the announcement on Monday that Step 4 of the COVID lockdown release is to be delayed, at least until July 19.

As a result a number of events have had to be cancelled, with organisers facing losses of thousands as they have been unable to secure insurance against just such an eventuality.    And many others are now nervous that the new date could equally be a moving feast if the Delta variant of COViD takes a serious hold.

Although some outdoor events have been able to restart under Step 3 restrictions, which still apply, they are struggling with the economics of organising limited capacities.

“It really is a major blow to our industry and further underlines the disastrous consequences that the lack of insurance is having on our sector,” says Steve Heap, chair of the Events Industry Forum.   “We have been pressing the Government for months to underwrite COVID insurance for the industry but to date they have ignored our pleas and this decision will further undermine the confidence of event organisers.    It takes an incredibly brave organiser to take on the investment risk with the knowledge that the Government or a local authority might pull the plug at the last moment without any form of compensation!”

“While we fully support the need for caution in dealing with the pandemic, and our members are doing everything they can to minimise the risks at events they are organising, we now urgently need the Government to step up to the plate with an insurance scheme that enables us to plan for the future with some confidence that we will not be bankrupted by last minute decisions outside our control.”

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The Events Industry Forum (EIF) provides an informal meeting point for trade bodies and similar organisations in the outdoor events industry.   The group usually meets twice a year to share information and discuss issues of common interest.    Currently 26 organisations support the EIF.   The Forum, under EIF Limited, also publishes the Purple Guide on a non-for-profit basis.   The outdoor events industry generates over £30 billion in Gross Added Value (GVA) to the UK economy each year.

Member Organisations

Association of Circus Proprietors
Association of Festival Organisers
Association of Independent Festivals
Association of Show and Agricultural Organisations
Association of Stage Pyrotechnics
British Air Display Association
British Arts Festivals Association
British Pyrotechnists Association
Business Visits and Events Partnership
Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Event Hire Association
Event Supplier and Services Association
Institution of Occupational Safety & Health
Local Authority Event Organisers’ Group
Made Up Textiles Association
Major Events International
National Outdoor Events Association
Nationwide Caterers’ Association
National Police Chief’s Council
National Traction Engine Trust
Outdoor Arts UK
Production Services Association
Portable Sanitation Europe
Professional Lighting & Sound Association
Rugby Football Union
The Concert Promoters Association
The Event Services Association
The National Centre for Resilience Learning and Development (EPC)
The Showmen’s Guild of GB
The UK Crowd Management Association


Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 16th Jun 2021 20:48:00

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