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Last Chance To Acquire Government Support For Your Festival

NOW is probably your very last chance to acquire Government support for your Festival. CRF3 is launched today 25th June 2021.

Over to you……

The fund is made up of several strands, the first two of which share a budget of over £218 million and are the most relevant to AFO

  • an emergency fund for organisations who are at risk of ceasing to trade viably within 12 weeks and have not been supported by the CRF (unless by exception previous recipients require emergency support which they are aware may apply to some festivals);
  • a continuity fund offering support for those who have been previous recipients but now may be struggling to survive/reopen;
  • a £35 million heritage stimulus fund to support essential capital projects; and
  • £20 million for the Cultural Asset Fund

In terms of the criteria:

  • Stakeholders will be eligible so long as they meet the criteria, which are focussed on their financials and cultural significance - as in previous rounds 
  • The emergency fund is specifically focused on supporting those organisations that are at risk of ceasing to trade viably within 12 weeks.

For the emergency fund,. Once successful applicants accept their offer and provide bank details, payments take 10-15 working days to process

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 25th Jun 2021 19:08:00

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