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National Lottery joins forces with Music Venue Trust

National Lottery joins forces with Music Venue Trust for new £1 million plan to get huge names into grassroots venues

The National Lottery has joined forces with the Music Venue Trust (MVT) in a new initiative to boost live music across the UK.

The lottery, one of the UK’s biggest culture funders, will contribute £1 million to directly underwrite touring and production costs of over 300 live shows this summer – allowing the grassroots live music industry to start promoting shows with upfront costs of touring already sorted.

Sir Tom Jones said: “Musicians can record in their bedrooms, but they can’t
learn to perform in public without a place to play. Without that, there is no way
you can communicate directly to people. It’ll be tough to hone your skills and
you’ll never have the thrill of feeling their feedback. Without a grassroots music
venue, the neighbourhood won’t have a place where people can come together
to discover and support a new talent.

“So support your local pub, club, gym or church or wherever someone has the
guts to bring in some entertainment, it makes all the difference both to budding
artists and the community. I’m delighted to be able to perform a special show
as part of The National Lottery’s Revive Live Tour and to be celebrating the
return of live music.”

Tickets for The National Lottery Revive Live Tour go on sale on Monday 12
July from 8pm.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 9th Jul 2021 14:21:00

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