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AFO Launches Two New Action Groups

AFO launches two new action groups

The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) is very pleased to announce that volunteers stepped up to the mark to form the new Climate Action Group for the AFO.  The new group which is currently selecting a Chair will engage with Vision 2025, Powerful Thinking, Eco-Librium, LIVE Green, Julie’s Bicycle, and many others to develop sustainability better known as a climate action policy that will suit AFO members.

As with all these things AFO does not make rules for its members but produces a Code of Conduct full of direction, recommendations and advice and the new CAG will add to that shortly.  For many years AFO has encouraged its members to look closely at how they can improve the environmental impact of their festivals and the communities they work and live with, and as part of the global challenge.

Diversity Equality & Inclusion has also been at the forefront of AFO policy for many years.  We now feel that a small group focussing on these issues would be of great benefit.  Offering leadership guidance and information on how best to bring festivals to the table and recognise the need for DEI in all areas, as important and necessary 21st Century challenges.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 23rd Jul 2021 13:35:00

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