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Who needs to isolate?
It has been brought to our attention that some local authorities and public health advisors are interpreting rules, regulations and recommendations in different ways.  This has been going on for some time and it is very difficult to keep tabs on everything.  It is fair to say that at a recent meeting DCMS made it quite clear that Covid regulations and restrictions have all been lifted with Step 4.  However, there are several recommendations in place including asking people to take lateral flow tests before attending festivals and events, reporting them to NHS and proving at the gate of entry on a phone the test had been taken.  Clearly social distancing is a thing of the past unless voluntarily as is mask wearing.  But again, the recommendation is that mask wearing in crowded spaces is no bad thing. 

At the same recent meeting we discussed movement on Covid passports and there is very little further information available at this stage, except to say that it is likely that some kind of passport system will be introduced towards the end of September 2021.  More on this when we have it.

For those of you still running events if you do discover a positive case amongst your audience you really must ask that person to agree to isolation, and some assistance with the packing of their equipment and possessions should be offered and conducted safely with masks and had gel for all.  They should then leave the site and travel home to isolate as per government instructions.  However, in some regions there are some misunderstandings about the use of public transport. i.e., if the positive case arrived by public transport they can leave by public transport, even though government guidelines suggest the use of public transport by positive cases should be dissuaded.  If it is the only means that this person can get home, they should be asked to maintain a 2-meter distance and be masked.  Public Health England in the regions may well be querying this and further instructions may follow.

Real Evidence – not hearsay and rumours
Finally, DCMS are looking for any examples and evidence of events that have successfully operated in the last few weeks and/or plan to operate in the next few weeks.  In particular evidence of any Covid-safe voluntary actions that have been taken.  As I have said on many occasions before I don’t need hearsay and horror stories, we need facts, figures and evidence to demonstrate that AFO festivals and events are being run as safely as possible and meeting rules, regulations and indeed embracing recommendations.  Please send them in and good luck with your events.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 20th Aug 2021 17:04:00

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