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Covid-19 Mitigations – Industry Best Practice

Covid-19 Mitigations – Industry Best Practice

The Covid-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented shutdown on the live music industry that latest for over a year. Throughout this time, LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment) have worked relentlessly with the Government and their scientific advisors to create guidance for reopening that will create the lowest risk of Covid-19 transmission.

To ensure our shows can continue safely, the industry has committed to the following voluntary best practice as a minimum standard, in addition to the Government’s guidance.

Entry criteria for the audience

  1. Encourage every person attending an event to provide Covid certification as detailed in 2.a below.
  2. For venues with a capacity higher than 500, spot check at least 20% of people who enter the event, with a higher percentage where crowd dynamic allows.
    1. Covid certification that is accepted is either proof of:
      1. Full vaccination
      2. A negative lateral flow test within the previous 48 hours (test to be registered on the Government website and evidence of this presented)
      3. Proof of natural immunity following a positive Covid-19 test with isolation period completed
      4. A medical exemption
  3. A solid communication plan to underpin these measures and ensure the public fully understand what is expected of them prior to an event & training for box office staff and security personnel on entry criteria.
  4. Queue management in place which considers other local businesses where appropriate, staggered entry and procedures for those who haven’t prepared appropriate certification in advance.
  5. Clearly documented procedures for customers unable to meet entry requirements.

Measures to reduce risk of transmission amongst audience at event

  1. Before every event the venue will be thoroughly cleaned to reduce Covid-19 transmission.  
  2. Make the Government ‘Track and Trace’ QR code available at entrances to the venue and strongly encourage use of the system for the audience.
  3. Encourage the audience to wear face coverings in crowded or indoor spaces except where exempt.
  4. Encourage the audience to maintain social distancing where possible throughout the event.  
  5. Provide multiple hand sanitiser and washing stations throughout the venue and encourage people to wash and sanitise their hands regularly.
  6. Communicate each venue’s appropriate measures in advance, at entry and throughout the venue.

Employee and working personnel (including artists)

  1. Detailed risk assessments to be produced for each venues or event to identify and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
  2. If they are not vaccinated, encourage all staff to take a lateral flow test at least 48 hours prior to an event. These would not need to be supervised, and any positive results must be reported in accordance with the Government guidelines.
  3. Ahead of arrival, all unvaccinated artists and touring production staff must send proof of a negative lateral flow test within the last 48 hours.
  4. All staff are encouraged to wear face coverings whilst in the venue, expect when stationary at their desks or behind appropriate screens. 
  5. Encourage all staff to maintain social distancing of 1m+ where possible throughout the venue.
  6. Provide multiple hand sanitiser stations and encourage people to wash their hands and sanitise their hands regularly.
  7. Where possible consider enhanced ventilation to reduce the risk of transmission throughout the venue.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 6th Nov 2021 09:34:00

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