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New Mini Purple Guide Published

A new guide has been published by the Events Industry Forum to help organisers of smaller events comply with regulations and good practice.
The new ‘Purple Guide Lite’ is a sister publication to the ‘Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’, which EIF took over from the Health & Safety Executive four years ago.
Developed with the support of industry experts from all sectors, the ‘Purple Guide Lite’ aims to provide the basics that event organisers need to consider when planning even small events with only a few hundred attendees.
Written in a straightforward style, the ‘Lite’ guide is available online at a cost of £10.   Subscribers can also upgrade to the full Purple Guide within the first 12 months for just £15 – the difference in price between the two guides.
All full guide subscribers automatically have free access to the new ‘Lite’ version.
Details about the new guide can be found at
*   *    *
For further information please contact Jim Winship, Secretary of the Events Industry Forum, on 01291 636331 or 07850 104034   Email: [email protected]
About the Forum
The Events Industry Forum is an informal body which brings together event trade bodies, educational establishments and enforcement agencies to discuss issues of common interest.  
The Purple Guide is published by EIF Ltd, which was set up solely for the purpose of managing this publication.   All revenues from the publication of these guides is invested back via grants for the benefit of the industry.  See

Event Industry Forum: 7th Jun 2017 11:51:00


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