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There is always plenty of research going on and I know it can be tedious completing surveys and questionnaires. However the information gathered from these is very valuable indeed.  It is the way government make decisions both local and national and they base it on facts, figures and information.

So, the recent Eventbrite Trends Report of 2022 made for a very interesting read.  I agree with a great deal of what the report is saying as being the case, not only in the UK but in other parts of the world. 

Here in the UK the industry is certainly optimistic, however, we have some very serious concerns for staff shortage, eye-watering price hikes in the supply chain.

Added to that in 2020 the government announced it would take away our rights to use tax free red diesel.

Whilst the majority of festivals and outdoor events were ready for that we were not ready for a full fuel tax and vat to be slapped onto bio fuels and alternative energy.

We are now faced with a recovery season where on top of 2 years off and shortage of investment funds we have the suppliers 20%price increases and a doubling of fuel costs.

All of this being paid by several events with funds gathered on ticket sales in 2019.

Ticket sales for the new season are not as good as we need, partly due to the nervousness of our customers who like all of us are not sure the pandemic is actually over. Last minute booking is becoming the norm, which makes for some very nervous organisers.

In some cases we also have the Americans, who don’t seem to understand world geography, cancelling because they don’t want to be near a European war !!

Even though the above is causing some concern the industry is full of enthusiastic, creative and resilient organisers who will not give up.

Further with all the above going on they still recognise the need for event sustainability. Green issues, access for all, inc BSL provision, and community still feature in the planning.

2022 will not be the bounce back year we hoped for but we will survive and march onto 2023 to get festivals and events in the UK back to the top and recognised as the best in the world.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 5th Apr 2022 15:28:00

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