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LIVE Green: Making Sustainability A Contractual Requirement

Aims and Objectives:

  • To include sustainability in the contract between the agent and the promotor to create a level playing field & drive change
  • Apply lessons learnt from HSE rollout in UK & North America
  • Define what sustainability means & how is it applied
  • Venues must have or set commitment date to move to renewable energy, have shore power and distribution for buses and trucks
  • Waste management systems at venues & events to achieve Zero to Landfill by 2030
  • Eliminate the use of single use plastic by 2025
  • Supply chain; proof of shared responsibility, minimize use of virgin materials, increase use of existing assets, have end of life policy for all products
  • Food; venues and touring productions to increase plant-based food options, mitigate waste, provide composting facilities, have sustainable sourcing policies including animal welfare
  • Transport – work with local authorities to promote good public transport links, route tours to minimize emissions
  • Access to fresh potable water at all venues and sites to eliminate plastic waste
  • Adopt waste and energy hierarchies
  • Communicate sustainability achievements to audiences to drive cultural change
  • Governance – venues, tours, companies to have an individual or team responsible for Environmental and Social Governance
  • Have funding in place to create a Green Touring Guide to provide the framework and guidance for the touring ecosystem to reference in order to meet contractual requirements
  • Get commitment from key influencers and decision makers to contribute to Green Touring Guide so that it is written for the industry by the industry
  • Roll out contractual change at The Conference Live @ Lititz Dec 8 or 9

Decision Making Dynamic

Highest level of engagement
.  The people who are involved in the decision are considered highly influential.  They have expertise or responsibility that is highly relevant to the decision, or they are a trusted advisor.  They influence industry thinking and help craft the final decision.

Who needs to be in this group?

Medium level of engagement. The role these folks have will be relevant to the decision, the decision may have significant impact on their role/responsibilities, or they have a level of decision-making authority that makes it politically and culturally appropriate to ask for their perspective even when the decision is 90+% decided.  These folks will likely not sway the decision but if they have significant concerns or new, critical information, the decision might need to be modified.

How do we identify and get buy from this group?

Lowest level of engagement. These are the people whom we need to enlist to execute the decision and must take actions driven by the decision.  Their role/responsibilities are affected by the decision, but their level of responsibility and authority does not require/expect them to affect the decision.

How do we roll this out to the industry?

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 27th Apr 2022 12:56:00

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