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Energy Revolution Awarded Charitable Status

Energy Revolution is the festival industry collaboration that turns audience fossil-fuel travel miles into a direct investment in renewable energy. This brilliant project is now a registered charity, meaning every donation made will go even further with GiftAid!

Audience travel is by far the greatest contributor to a festival’s CO2 footprint, but Energy Revolution is turning this problem into a solution by engaging audiences with balancing their travel emissions. So far they have turned over 3 million miles of travel into clean energy! 

Audiences, artists, crew and contractors can help them reach their target of balancing 10 million festival travel miles by donating

Energy Tip: Get the Right Tower Lights

Talking to your supplier about choosing the right tower light can help you reduce event CO2 emsisions, save you money and cut noise pollution. Here's how: 

Go renewable: Hybrid tower light models are now commonly available in the hire market. Ask your supplier about efficient LED and solar tower lights to cut your fuel bill. 

Get PRI sensors: These sensors automatically switch tower lights on/off according to light levels, i.e. at dusk/dawn. Some sensors will also automatically turn on the lights when they detect movement - saving energy and fuel. 

Save on hire costs: Some tower lights can double up as small generators and provide power for low wattage applications like LED festoon or small security tents etc, which are often in remote areas of the festival site, saving you from hiring in a separate generator.

Cut noise pollution: Probably the best & most eco-friendly model currently on the market is the Bruno hybrid LED lighting tower (pictured). It provides a comparable light output to a standard unit and offers substantial fuel savings. Thanks to the battery pack it runs without engine assistance during the night, helping to reduce noise pollution.

There is a slight premium for tower lights with these features, but these costs are potentially mitigated by fuel savings & the reductions in both emissions & noise pollution.

Thanks to event power company SMART Power Ltd for the tower light advice. 

Thanks to Energy Revolution for this article


Energy Revolution: 6th Jul 2017 12:53:00

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