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Chairs chosen for House of Commons Select Committees

House of Commons Select Committees have made their choice of Chairs for the various committees that do the background work.

The ones involving music and the festival scene include Damian Collins, MP, Chair of DCMS.  Rob Halfon, MP, Chair of The Education Committee.  Angus MacNeil, MP, Scottish Nationalist International Trade and Communities and Local Government which is one to keep an eye on from a festival point of view is chaired by Clive Betts, MP.

Should you wish to contact any of these people you can do it direct using your own MP as a conduit or you can contact UK Music at [email protected] who will gladly send your queries on to the right MP Chair.

Arts Council – much lobbying has taken place in recent years to convince the Arts Council that grass roots music venues and festivals really matter and should be funded.  They don’t disagree but once again found it difficult to award the lion’s share of their potential music funding to this area.  Instead 85% of music funding has gone to opera and classical music as reported in a recent copy of the Guardian.  At time of writing we don’t have facts and figures of what 15% of music funding actually represents in pounds but rest assured we will keep up the pressure on making funds available, especially for grass roots work.

One of the ways you can do this is by going online and simply making the application.  You may or may not be successful but you will flag up the fact that music festivals need help and funding.  If you make an application do let the AFO office know as we are collating the data.

Steve Heap
General Secretary, AFO

AFO: 21st Jul 2017 11:17:00


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