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Plastic is fighting back!

For the festival organisers amongst us who have merchandise and CD stalls (a great source of festival income), Proper Music Distribution recently announced a real fight back.

Quoting from the BPI “LP sales are up by 56.4%, even turntables sales are up by 62%.  47% of the customers buying CDs around the UK have in-car CD players and 64.2% of physical music buyers are male. Digital and physical sales combined have reached £1.136billion and despite a 7.3% decrease in physical sales giving way to downloads, the number of CDs actually sold in one year in the UK has reached 47million with only 3.2 million of those being vinyl LPs." 

Clearly there is a demand for good music out there on plastic and AFO would encourage you to ensure that your artists have CDs to sell and make a fuss about signings and sales as they improve the festival visitors experience and can usually provide further income for the event.

Steve Heap
General Secretary, AFO

Steve Heap: 7th Aug 2017 09:13:00

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