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How will Brexit affect your festival?

Dear Colleagues,
DCMS are asking for more information about how we think Brexit and the movement of workers will affect your festivals and events.
I would be grateful if you think your event is affected in any way by these ten questions, please make the answers direct to Tom Kiehl at UK Music [email protected] and mention that you are a member of AFO.
The questions follow.  If you answer ‘none’ or ‘not applicable’ that is perfectly acceptable and useful.  Answer ‘yes’ or explain your answer as you wish”.
(1) how many EU employees does your sector have?
(2) which specific skills in your sector come from the EU? 
(3) what qualifications do EU nationals in your sector generally hold?
(4) what are their working patterns e.g self employed/contract/permanent etc and duration of roles?
(5) are the bulk of the important workers at the top end (earning >£100k) or more in the middle (c. £30k)?
(6) are there third countries outside the EU where these skills are readily available?
(7) what is the experience of the current visa system for accessing talent outside the EU - which tiers do you generally rely on / which work successfully/unsuccessfully? 
(8) are there UK programmes that exist that provide similar skills? 
(9)what would the UK have to do to meet these skills needs from the domestic market?
(10) what would your top asks be of a new immigration system?
Steve Heap,
General Secretary, AFO

Steve Heap: 12th Aug 2017 09:16:00


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