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ILMC Tackles Big Topics

As I am writing this the International Live Music Conference is well underway in Central London.  Following hot on the heels of GEI, that I attended, ILMC brings together over a thousand activists from around Europe to discuss the music industry. 

Many subjects were on the agenda and it was quite clear that delegates were concerned about touring, longevity of their businesses, ticket prices, European and UK laws regarding touring and work permits, and on the first day discussed the ‘bottom up’ attitude to bringing through tomorrows headliners.  Investment is what is really needed.  The live music side seems to be the only part of the industry that does not throw money back towards grass roots.  It certainly needs to. 

Other subject matter included secondary ticketing and staffing levels.

The Conference also had a big debate on the never-ending popularity of Arena Shows.  Many of the Arenas (bar Football Grounds) are like outdoor events with a roof on.  Perhaps that is the attraction; that feeling that you are with the biggest crowd but don’t need wet weather clothes.  The various speakers commented on how well ticket sales were for major names and of course, we hope that overflows into the festival scene this summer.

The desire for people to come together and share a space after the pandemic is still strong.


For a full and detailed report on ILMC see next edition of IQ magazine.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 7th Mar 2023 10:00:00

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