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Project Simply

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We work with a number of events and festivals globally, delivering a positive impact for our clients. Working with Parklife, Field Day, Winterville, Y Not, and Truck to name a few – we provide a range of services from brand creation through to design and development of the website.

The website is of vital importance and is admittedly the cornerstone of most marketing efforts, the key sales vehicle of tickets and the shareable asset that helps grow the social audience.

We know from our experience that it’s really important to have:

  • Exceptional design and front-end development talent to create websites that are stylish, unique and exciting to experience

  • Development solutions that help us roll out bespoke websites in the quickest amount of time possible

  • Content management systems designed for busy marketing teams, to allow for speedy, simple updates

  • Increased flexibility so festival teams can manage their websites throughout the life-cycle of the event

  • Longevity in our sites that provides a solid foundation to be improved year on year

We enjoy the creative freedom working with like-minded people and the work is loved, shared and very much appreciated by our clients. We want to help all festivals – whether they are a sell out 60,000 capacity, or in their first year hoping to sell 2,000 tickets – but with wildly varying budgets and ideas.

We also created Plot, a Festival and event-specific CMS framework which has a couple of major benefits:

  1. It reduces the time we spend on development when creating your festival, which means we can spend more time on exceptional creative ideas and design

  2. It streamlines the way the festival marketing team set up and manage the festival website, saving loads of time and client side expense

By combining our expertise, creative talents and Plot, we can create sales-ready, ticket selling machines that also generate buzz, shares and social kudos. Through reductions in development time, we can put more effort into stand-out creative for the bigger budget festivals, and also create something convincing and engaging for festivals with more conservative budgets.



Project Simply
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