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NewEco World

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We're not just another Eco supplier!  Our offering is different.  We specialise in all types of HOME COMPOSTABLE products. 

Our range includes  plant-based, 'Vegan' bags made from cassava starch, cornstarch bags and bags that are fully water-soluble.  Suitable for all types of uses, from high-end retail, to rubbish bags.

NewEco World also carries the world's STRONGEST paper straw, guaranteed NOT to go soggy.

Excitingly, NewEco world stocks the ONLY home-compostable coffee-cup lid available in the UK!  Our lids are strong, spill-proof and won't let your customers down.  Forget plastic, forget PLA, our coffee cup lids are made from bagasse and will compost at home.  No special composting equipment required.  

Come and see our range on our webiste, or visit us on Social Media.  Let us help you go truly Green!



NewEco World
Units 8 and 12,
Dock Offices
Surrey Quays Road
SE16 2XU

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