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How Will Sustainability Feature in Our Festival and Event Work, Whilst Recovering From COVID-19? We really must not let the Covid-19 pandemic totally distract us from the responsibility we have to leave an environment that the next generation can live in, play in and one in which to organise and run FESTIVALS.


You can read this article here.

Read LIVE Green and TPG's Call To Action On Sustainability for top tips to a better future!

The past 18 months has given us, the tour and production professionals, time to reflect on the changes that the music industry, like every industry, should be addressing. In particular, we believe passionately that action is required in the area of Sustainability

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LIVE Green's report on COVID-19 Mitigations lays out the best practices for the industry.

AFO Members can click here to view the article: (within Covid-19 section)

Here is the simplest of guides to a sustainable festival in whatever area you work.

Our good friend John Langford at AEG and chair of LIVE GREEN group offers his top tips to give us the push we all need to get to grips with the ongoing problem.

The earth will work with us if we show some real concern and action. It is not our earth, we have borrowed it from our children.

Industry Green Survey 2021 – Results and Analysis

The annual Industry Green Survey of outdoor festivals, conducted by the Vision: 2025 network of outdoor events and businesses taking climate action, provides a snapshot of sustainability practice across the industry by asking UK festival organisers about their attitudes and challenges. The results identify trends and changes and help Vision: 2025 shape support and resources for the industry.

The new and updated Powerful Thinking Guide provides event professionals with up-to-date knowledge and practical resources to help manage temporary energy smartly, reducing environmental impacts and fuel bills.

Find out your event’s energy rating and compare it to industry averages in less than a minute with the Festival Fuel Tool.

Check out this common mythbuster from Powerful Thinking:


Powerful Thinking Fact sheets:

This series of bite-size fact sheets aims to provide useful advice and resources for anyone involved in working in festivals from organisers to traders.

How will sustainability feature in our festival and event work, whilst recovering from COVID-19?

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