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Ticket Swap

  • AFO Members can choose to offer complimentary or discounted tickets to other AFO members for festivals, events or workshops.

  • It is a great way to visit other activities and see how other people do it.

  • Contact other AFO Members directly when requesting or offering a ticket swap.

The AFO Ticket Swap was established many years ago by The Association of Festival Organisers as a means of member festival organisers getting to each others events in order to view, exchange and understand different methods of working. The principal is simple: - There is no compulsion for any member to take part. - It would be normal for two tickets with camping to be made available but again this is merely a benchmark, not a compulsory rule. - Some festivals may not be able to join in due to local authority restrictions etc. - Some festivals which run for a week may decide that swapping tickets for one or two days might be more appropriate. This is probably an important one: - It would be normal for a festival organiser responsible for a specific area of their festival to visit another festival i.e. the stewards' co-ordinator from one to visit and meet with the stewards' co-ordinator of another during their event or the artistic directors to meet and exchange views and ideas. AFO Ticket Swap is not just a means of getting free tickets for miscellaneous members of your friends, family or even supporters club or committee. It is a professional concession. It would be quite normal for members to request details of why you want the tickets in the swap.

I hope it works for you as it has for many so far.

Good luck with planning your festival.

Steve Heap, General Secretary

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