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Working for and with festivals and events, supporting live arts

AFO: Working for and with festivals and events, supporting live arts

The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) is a membership group of like-minded festival and event managers who believe in learning and teaching, sharing and networking to continuously improve the festival scene. Created in 1987 with a small gathering of people working in the community festival business, AFO now has over 250 members who exchange ideas and support one another to help develop our sector.

Are you a festival or event organiser, supplier, freelancer or student? If you have anything to do with festivals or events, yes anything, you should join AFO.

The AFO Office is open year round to offer you help and support. Contact us today!

Help Us To Help Festivals 

Festivals are in trouble. We're asking the UK Government to lower VAT on music festival ticket sales from 20% to 5% for a temporary period of three years and we need YOUR help to reach our goal.

Read more about what you can do here.

Register for the Event Production Show 2024


Register for A Greener Future's GEI16

GEI is a partnership between not-for-profit sustainability specialists A Greener Future (AGF) and the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) which is the world’s leading platform for the touring, entertainment and festival sectors.

You can register for the Conference here.

AFO Welcomes New Member TicketHype

The team at TicketHype are marketers with a passion for all things music and live events. Collectively, they have worked in and around the events scene for over 20 years.

AFO Online Conference February 2022 Highlights

This is what we got up to - a really successful, exciting, and productive day.

Click Here To View The Highlights


  • Sandra Surtees, Director Shrewsbury Folk Festival

    "AFO membership is particularly good value and even more important these days. Covid-19 has nearly decimated our industry and the AFO is working tirelessly to help in every way it can...I very much appreciate all the work going on behind the scenes to help us come through the other side and thrive. Thanks a million."

  • Rowan Riley, Oundle International Festival

    "What a great bunch you are providing amazing resources and support, especially during these potentially devastating times."

  • John Wirtz, Sore Fingers Summer School

    "I really believe the AFO have played a big part in raising the standards of the UK outdoor festival scene."

  • Joe Heap, Towersey Festival

    "Towersey has been a member of the AFO since its inception. It is without a doubt the most useful trade organisation we could ever be a member of. If you work in Festival or Events in any way, you really must be part of AFO. The advice, the advocacy and lobbying is worth the membership alone."

  • Geoff Leon, Festival Vision

    "The AFO have played a major role in helping start our fledging business and since then the sessions, conferences and contacts are an integral part of our marketing strategy."

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Latest News From AFO

No Climate Action Without Us

No Climate Action Without Us

Attitude is Everything, Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future publish new toolkit on how to make disabled people’s access to live events environmentally sustainable.  In summer 2023 Julie’s Bicycle su...

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Ecolibrium Invests Over £650,000 in Climate Projects

Ecolibrium Invests Over £650,000 in Climate Projects

The event charity ecolibrium celebrated its community’s collective investment of over £650,000 in climate projects to address the impact of travel at events, in Bristol’s Artist’s Residence, Feb 2024...

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The Fair Releases Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Showing why Festival Industry Deserves More Support

The Fair Releases Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Showing why Festival Industry Deserves More Support

Festival production company The Fair launched a behind-the-scenes documentary this week, highlighting challenges faced across the industry, and why the events sector deserves further support. ‘It Takes A Village&rsqu...

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BBC Declare Festivals Are Searching for Greener Ways

BBC Declare Festivals Are Searching for Greener Ways

Well, they are quite right, we are and have been for some time now. They quote for instance Hannah Love, a lifelong festival goer who went to her first festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival, when her mum was eight months pregnant ...

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VAT of Tickets 5% Demanded

VAT of Tickets 5% Demanded

The battle to get VAT back to 5% on festival ticket sales has now spread to the club world. Discussed at the Nighttime Industry Association four northern mayors gave the project enormous support in a discussion lead by Andy B...

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Goldsmith Back in the Charity World

Goldsmith Back in the Charity World

The very famous celebrated promoter Harvey Goldsmith is back planning to raise profile and a serious amount of cash to help the fight of climate change. He is planning a major concert in a London stadium also Los Angeles, ...

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