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There is so much to learn, or as much as you need.  You are never too old, too experienced or too embarrassed. We can teach each other.  There is no right or wrong way but often just another way.

AFO Training is open to both AFO members and non-members.

A-Z of Festival Management

Once a month somebody calls the AFO Office and says ‘I would quite like to run a festival but not sure how to start’.  And that is what the A-Z or Beginner's Guide is for.  It is a fairly basic run through all the elements of putting a festival together.  Some of them will be directly appropriate to a new event, some perhaps not, but they are worth knowing. Join Steve Heap for a half day training session on the A-Z of Festival Management.  It could be your starting point or maybe a refresher.

Steve has been running festivals since 1975 and involved in them before that.  Over this period, he has gained an enormous amount of information and experience and is now more than happy to share it with you, the festival organiser, in your early years or indeed the beginner.

Cost: £250 for AFO members and for as many of your team as you wish (£300 for non-members).
Venue and date: depending on where delegates are based and when you need the help.

If you are interested in this Training Day please email [email protected]

Risk Assessments and Road Closures - the how, what, where and why with Andy Grove from HighGrove Events Limited 
Read this Training Day report here.

A Training Day like this can be arranged for you and your team.  Please get in touch to discuss [email protected]

AFO Training

AFO can design or adapt a Training Day subject to suit you.
What topic would you like the next Training Day to focus on? Please let the AFO office know and we will get it sorted.
[email protected]

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