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UK Festivals Calendar

Festival Start Date Festival Name Details


3rd to 4th July 2021 Cheese & Chilli Festival - Swindon More Info
9th to 11th July 2021 Ely Folk Festival More Info
16th to 18th July 2021 Stainsby Festival More Info
17th to 18th July 2021 Cheese & Chilli Festival - Guildford More Info
22nd to 25th July 2021 Chickenstock Music Festival More Info


4th to 8th August 2021 Wickham Festival More Info
6th to 8th August 2021 The Sustaina Ball 2021 More Info
17th to 18th August 2021 Cheese & Chilli Festival - Winchester More Info
19th to 23rd August 2021 Medicine Festival More Info
20th to 22nd August 2021 Just So Festival More Info
27th to 30th August 2021 Towersey Festival More Info


3rd to 5th September 2021 Góbéfest More Info
11th September 2021 Shynefest 2021 More Info
25th September 2021 John Bonham A Celebration II More Info
30th September to 3rd October 2021 Tenterden Folk Festival 2021 More Info


1st to 3rd October 2021 International Walking Festival More Info


1st to 3rd July 2022 Cleckheaton Folk Festival More Info
7th to 10th July 2022 Stonehaven Folk Festival More Info

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